Main AttractionS


Black Ops: Zombie Paintball

Board a custom transport armed with paintball guns to help save humanity, although it's not as easy as you'd think. Attacking zombie hordes can only be held off for so long before they get to your transport, creating chaos aboard and threatening your mere existence. It's up to you and your friends to save yourselves... and all of humanity. No pressure. 

*This attraction is a separately ticketed attraction, and may be added on to your ticket package. Each ticket includes 50 rounds of paintballs, with additional rounds available for purchase onboard the ride.

Castle of Blood

Start with a tour of a damp, dark torture chamber, then venture deep into the chambers of Marrick Castle, coming face to face with some of the castle's resident vampires. Who knows? Maybe you will be their type. Blood type, that is.



Sleepy Hollow's most intense attraction. Dark, loud, and scary. Walk through morgues, execution rooms, catacombs, and even a mind-boggling spinning tunnel!




Enter the backstage areas of a traveling circus- whether the freaks and carnies want you to or not. Venture into the creepy sideshow tent, dressing rooms, sleeping quarters, and animal storage areas before entering the big top. Be careful- these traveling circus members are even scarier when they're not in the spotlight.


Nightmare Estates

This double-wide is most likely NOT home to the neighborhood's welcoming committee. In fact, this crazy hillbilly family wants nothing more than for you to leave their property. If you get the feeling you've overstayed your welcome as you travel through their home, you're probably right. Maybe if you're nice they'll show you the way out, but not before telling you how "purdy" you are!


Twisted Tales: The Next Chapter

The successor of the original Twisted Tales, this haunted attraction is the most elaborate in the park. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the fairy tales you're used to ended differently? What would have happened if Pinocchio grew tired of being called a "puppet"?  What if the pigs hadn't outsmarted the wolf? Can you find your way through the Queen of Hearts' elaborate maze?



Other Attractions


3-D Gallery: Aliens Attack!

Put on your 3-D glasses and enter a planet full of aliens of all types. Navigate through erupting geysers and avoid dripping alien slime as you tour this martian planet. This attraction included free with any ticket package.


Back for 2016 - Club Blood  *NOW SILENT!*

Back by popular demand! Need a break from getting the YELL scared out of you? Head to our vampire themed dance club in the middle of the park. Today's popular hits are played on a giant video screen while you dance in the fog and lighting. Of course, we'll be sure to throw in your Halloween favorites throughout the night as well!  *** UPDATED FOR 2016*** -  Grab a pair of wireless LED headphones and choose from THREE video screens to listen to! This attraction included free with any ticket package. Photo ID required for headphone checkout.



Find your way through a dark, foggy maze. Did we mention it's the most elaborate one we've ever created?


NEW FOR 2016 - INFECTION: Laser tag

Survive a simulated  zombie apocalypse, or hunt down your friends and infect them. This eight minute game of laser tag will prove to be one of the most interesting you've ever played.  *This is an add-on attraction, and costs $4/child and $5/adult. Tickets can be purchased at the attraction.