Covid-19 Policies

"Don't be afraid to be scared"

Covid-19 Precautions

Each group will be given a number and called up when it is their turn.

Groups will be spaced 30 ft. from the next group through the entirety of the park.

Masks are required in the haunted attractions to cover mouth and nose, but may not cover your entire face. 

Gloves will be provided for going through the attractions.

Guests that are sick or have been exposed will not be allowed to enter. 

Sanitizer stations and hand wash stations will be available throughout the park and at every attraction.

Attractions will be sanitized regularly and all attractions will have HEPA Air Filters (filters to 0.1 microns).

Guests are not allowed to touch actors and they are no allowed to touch you.

All actors and staff will be screened before signing in to work. Any actor running a fever or not feeling well will not be allowed to work and are required to have a Covid-19 test come back negative before returning to work. 

Actors will be supplied with hand sanitizer and will be required to wear a mask.

Actors will not intentionally be in close proximity to guests faces. 

General Safety Policies

No weapons are allowed.

All bags will be checked (no beverages or weapons may be brought in).

But how will it all work?

2020 is a strange year so your Haunted Scream Park experience is going to be a bit different too. Stay tuned to our website and social media pages for a walk through on what your night at Sleepy Hollow’s Haunted Scream Park is going to look like.