2022 Attractions

Battle against seemingly unstoppable creatures and hold on to the hope of seeing the sun rise tomorrow. Though you may fire at these deranged savages with your paintballs, can you really stop them? For this year, they will fight back!

Sleepy Hollow’s most intense attraction, Chaos attacks the senses with blaring music, non-stop strobe lights and maniacal creatures. You may live through the morgue. You may even endure the execution room or the disorienting spinning tunnel. But can you really survive the CHAOS???

Unveiled in 2019, Terror in the Trees took everyone by storm! Once again, you are able to venture through the forest on the hill. The journey is one of mystic and magic as you make your way through the ruins of forgotten glory, a tunnel of supernatural spiders, and mysterious creatures who roam the woods.

Description coming soon

Cross a perilous bridge above dangerous waters to explore the secret island of Dr. Demonik. Here, the psychotic scientist creates new breeds of creatures by splicing DNA of humans with that of various animals. This man’s ambition shows no bounds, and his judgment shows no ethics. BEWARE! Dr. Demonik is looking for new specimens, and you are his target.

Don’t trust just anyone to send your beloved family members into the sweet hereafter. With the highest contemporary practices of 1930, only the knowledgeable and dedicated staff of Nightmare’s Funeral Parlor can provide the perfect “afterlife arrangements.” May you Rest in Peace…

One of Sleepy Hollow’s most popular attractions, this carnival of lost souls has arrived at its permanent location. Filled with the side-show performers, clowns and creatures that society has turned its back on, Freakshow will bring you a cavalcade of emotion and terror.